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A bit about us....

Our amazing team is dedicated to the veteran community as well as the active-duty members and most importantly the Unaccompanied.. Our team is made up of mostly veterans with one active-duty Navy Officer. We all bring something a bit different to the table.  We all come from different walks of life and we all have different personalities. The best part… we’ve come together to help the very community we all love!

How it all began….

An idea that sprouted in March 2020 when the Wenatchee Valley lost a Marine Veteran without family (Unaccompanied). Our founder is a Navy Veteran who was overwhelmed with emotions. He then took to social media and to spread the word! He has the help of a founding member Jose Solis. Jose helped Cortlin connect with the right people to get things going. This is where the dream and planning of a Non-profit started. 

We’re currently a WA Non-profit and  Federally recognized non-profit so that we can better serve!


Our mission is to provide a grateful community of peers for all active service men and women, veterans and their families; as well as offer support to unaccompanied veterans by organizing and assisting in proper military burials. We believe no veteran or active duty member should get left behind.


Unaccompanied Program

Our Unaccompanied Program supports those who served that passed away during their time in the service or after service with no friends or family to support a funeral service or other burial services. We work with those in the community to ensure they’re not laid to rest alone. 

Outdoor Program

The Outdoor Program gets active duty and veterans back out into the outdoors! Most of which haven’t been able to return to the outdoors since they joined the service. This program gets folks out hunting, fishing, camping, and other events outdoor.

R&R Program

The R&R Program is designed to provide a veteran or active duty member an opportunity to go out on a date night, family night, mini family vacation, or even a weekend getaway!

Support Program

The Support Program was designed to support those who just needed something different than our other programs don’t offer. We have done food drives, relocation assistance, provided flags for funeral service, and more. We continue this program because sometimes folks just need to be care for differently.

Our team thanks you greatly for your support! Without you and others like you our team would not be able to support Veterans, Active Duty, or the Unaccompanied. 

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