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Who do we help?

Active-duty military, veterans, families of those, and unaccompanied members (prior or active duty military who die with no family or minimal family).

As I’ve said before no one who has served our country should be laid to rest alone!

The how...

In March of 2020, we had an unaccompanied Marine, Cortlin caught wind of this via social media (Jose Solis) and ran with it. Jose was also able to connect Cortlin with some folks to connect a lot of the dots. 

He did interviews, he made phone calls, he did live Facebook videos, and used word of mouth. 

It was very hard to even get people to call back or to play any part in it. Becoming a non-profit has greatly improved participation, funding for support and events for veterans.

Our Team

Our amazing team is dedicated to the veteran community as well as the active-duty members. Our team is made up of mostly veterans with one active-duty Navy Chief, and a civilian who has been deeply affected by veterans as well as family who served. We all bring something a bit different to the table. We all come from different walks of life and we all have different personalities. The best part... we've come together to help the very community we all love!

Our History

An idea that sprouted in March 2020 when the Wenatchee Valley lost a Marine Veteran without family (Unaccompanied). Our founder is a Navy Veteran who was overwhelmed with emotions. He then took to social media and to spread the word! He has the help of a founding member Jose Solis. Jose helped Cortlin connect with the right people to get things going. This is where the dream and planning of a Non-profit started. We're currently a WA Non-profit and Federally recognized non-profit so that we can better serve!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a grateful community of peers for all active service men and women, veterans and their families; as well as offer support to unaccompanied veterans by organizing and assisting in proper military burials. We believe no veteran or active duty member should get left behind.


Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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In 2 to 5 years...

We envision Tour of Duty will well on it’s way to being national, having a program in the East, West and Central US. We see us being known throughout not just the veteran and active duty community but throughout civilian communities as well. 

We see civilians signing up to host a veteran maybe they’re down on their luck, maybe they need a uniform for work, maybe they just need a friend. We want to connect the communities and help these relationships grow. We look at our first 2 years as our growth years getting our name out working on sponsors and donors as well as long term assistants that will continue to help enabling us to  achieve our goals. 

What help do we need now?

As of right now, it is a monetary need. We need funds to get this rolling, [to cover a consultant helping with 501c3 formation, administrative and legal fees, licensing, and then the additional] funds will enable us to purchase shirts, hats and other items to sell [as fundraising items]. We need to be able to buy or have donated, items for raffles and auctions to bring in some funds. Once we have funds we can do more with vets and active duty in the community to help build relationships with events such as BBQs, events with live music, banquets and so much more. With that, we will also be able to ensure the unaccompanied are accompanied!

How can people get involved?

They can help with making connections in the community, meaning help us connect to veterans in need, help us connect with people willing to donate, they can host an event, they can take a vet or active duty out to lunch or dinner. Once we’re up and operational with a bit more capacity and fewer restrictions (due to COVID), there will be even more to be done, such as fundraising events they can volunteer at, BBQ’s they can cook at, toy drives they can support, there will be plenty people can do!